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Posted by / 07-Sep-2017 23:53

I recently wrote a post over on my Driving Sales Blog about some new abilities of Chatbots and am curious what you all think.With the abilities of chatbots now and in the future.

that way, you can get in the feel of doing it.” To which Medieval Death Bot subsequently replied, “@nice_tips_bot you have died of an arrow through the eye which reached even into the brain.” Apparently with no code to allow the bots to end their conversation loop, the drama didn’t stop there.It should be even more in-depth if you have existing campaigns that need auditing.But don’t expect this exercise to be easy — it took me about 40 hours to pull this all together and another 10 hours to write it all up!Other bots are programmed to send a reply to anyone who tries to interact with them.Two such bots are Nice Tips Bot and Medieval Death Bot.

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The former is a helpful bot designed to offer cheery, practical advice like “keep Windex out of the reach of children and pets.” The latter is essentially the exact opposite and prescribes some horrible, historical way for you to die based on the records it reads of ancient coroners.