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I love my husband but he travels five days a week and I have found myself wondering during the night while I toss and turn in my bed alone what it would be like to be with an intense overpowering man.

I please myself with a vibrator but what would it be like to be overwhelmed and ravished by a strong take charge guy. You must be discreet, clean, disease free and sane.

I know you; know where you live, where you work and the fact that you have a lovely little girl. I am a dominant male and will make my presence known to you very soon.

It was just a game; I was not serious, just curious and would never have gone through with it.

Please just forget you ever saw it and I promise to never do anything like it again.

You know that you were not playing a game you have simply discovered at long last who you are.

You need to be owned and enjoyed- apparently you're not getting it at home. Rest calmly my pet because you have found what you were looking for. My wife and I had always been good neighbors and I dropped a hint that I had noticed that Chad had been traveling a lot lately and perhaps we should invite Sara and the baby over some evening for dinner.

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I was in the Army Special Forces and then was a cop, a detective.