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I got back up to finish the job and at the end of the day had to crawl on top of some conduit to spray one last piece climbed the hand rails sprayed and when I was gettin down my leg gave out and i ended up slipping and falling down on the platform land on my tail bone , either on a five gallon bucket and the platform Visitor: sorry Visitor: Bone : Is there anything else that you think that the lawyer should know or might find helpful prior to contacting you?

Visitor: Yes, I have had 2 Mri’s Both showing disc problem, An Emg stating I have chronic radocopathy.

their was duct work and pipes everywhere and at different levels.

So I had to stand on the top hand rails over and over to bearble to pain , after about a few weeks of this the day of the accent i notice after lunch my right leg feel like weak and jelly like.

I will forward this transcript immediately and request that you are contacted as soon as possible. Do you mind explaining the situation in a bit more detail?

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