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Sri Lanka has a window of opportunity to forestall the spread of HIV among these high-risk groups.

State of the Epidemic UNAIDS estimated that about 3,000 Sri Lankans were living with HIV as at end of 2009. As of December 2011, there were 1463 reported HIV cases in the country out of which 253 have died.

Regardless, Sri Lanka has the highest reported youth literacy rate in South Asia at 98.77 percent, as compared to 89.66 percent in India, and 83.2 percent in Bangladesh.

Along with the Maldives, Sri Lanka is one of only two countries in South Asia recognized by the UN as achieving “high human development.” Since the end of the war, Sri Lanka has obtained substantial support from international aid organizations to improve its education system.

In 2017, for instance, the country obtained a USD 0 million World Bank loan to expand STEM enrollment and research opportunities at the tertiary level, and to improve the quality of degree programs.

Conflict between the ethnic Sinhalese majority, which makes up approximately 75 percent of the population, and the Tamil minority (approximately 11 percent of the population in 2012) simmered throughout the British colonial period (1815-1948) and long after independence, finally culminating in the Sri Lankan Civil War in 1983.

High exposure to war victims, measured by the frequency with which a nurse tended to those patients, also resulted in less psychological distress.

It also performs well on other educational indicators, for instance elementary school enrollment, and mean years of schooling.

Public secondary and higher education studies are free to all citizens, though those living in regions still in recovery from the civil war may have less access to quality education than those living in other regions.

The prevalence of psychological distress is higheramong nurses in this study compared with that among the general population.

Brief screening instruments, such as the General Health Questionnaire, can be used to identify individuals at risk for psychological distress.

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