Cyber sex on pof

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Cyber sex on pof

Miss Davis added: "The police just told me to be careful online, to take my Facebook down, to change my number and stuff like that." She claims that cops said they were unable to put the resources into tracing the malicious user, and that they may not have committed a crime.Miss Davis added: "I went to the app to complain, but Plenty of Fish were useless.There is no phone number to call them on other than one in the United States and that went right to a voicemail."Eventually I found an email to get in touch with them on, and all I wanted was for them to take the profile down - but they still wouldn't.Tinder accounted for 26% of crime, Grindr 10% and 7%.Of the police forces in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, 32 responded to our investigation.

Chloe Davis was 20 when she began receiving suggestive and explicit texts from men out of the blue.

"I just saw him while peeking through a window but my boyfriend went out and explained to him what was going on.

"It just left me feeling so unsafe, like I didn't know who was doing this or why." The catfish profile received more than 40 approaches in a couple of hours, claiming she was "looking for some fun times!!!! She went to the police right away, but was shocked to find they couldn't help.

She told The Sun Online: "It was such a shock, and so disturbing. "It began as some very explicit messages, or they'd just text me to confirm plans or meet ups which I had no idea about.

"Men even showed up looking for my house in the middle of the night, knocking on my neighbours door. "One of them who actually showed up outside my house though was really aggressive.

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